Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finding Old Colonial Papers

Site of the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge. The old colonial papers are not always easy to find. In Georgia, the Colonial Records of Georgia by Candler is a good bet, however, in North Carolina, try the North Carolina State Papers. Every State has some sort of State Papers, usually published in a number of volumes and found at the local State Archives.  It is certainly worth it to scan these records because you find all sorts of things. For example, the North Carolina State Papers helped me to discover the entry of certain ships into the colony pre and during the Revolutionary War. During wartime, the vessels having refugees had to ask permission of the governor to enter the State. Such is the case here of the irish and scots.  Here is an interesting account. The scottish clan of MacDonald laid anchor near North Carolina and petitioned for a large tract of land upon which to settle.  Onboard was the famous Flora McDonald, the girl who hid the bonny Prince Charles (Stuart) from the English. We all know the story. The Scots were persecuted by English soldiers and driven into poverty. This clan settled in Moore County, North Carolina where the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge occurred. Interesting yet?  The information from the state papers helped to fill in the puzzle. The McDonald family genealogy is found on North Carolina Pioneers

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