Wednesday, March 13, 2013

About the Ancestry File at the Mormon Church

The old format at Family Search made it easy to determine where the source material originated. I do not mean a citation of sources. That did not exist.  What I mean is the family group sheets submitted by both members (and yes, non-members) to be added to the Ancestry File. Here is what happened. When you submitted your family group sheet, a computer-generated-program coupled duplicate entries (on a master family group sheet). If there was the slightest difference, spelling, dates, etc., it created a separate entry. Thus, many family group sheets contained multiple entries of "Marys", for example, simply because there was a conflict of information. My objection to these records is that we were unable to see the sources which the submitted put at the bottom of the family group sheet. Nevertheless, I used these records to verify information. In other words, if the submitter stated that a person was born in Lancaster County, I went to the records of that county court house and examined them. Most of the time if you at least know where the ancestor resided, that is an excellent beginning.  One must research the county records where ancestors resided. Always and always. Not only do these records prove relationships, but they frequently lead you to more the origin of the family "before" they were in that county. This is usually discovered in the wills and deeds.

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