Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lost Records, but are they!

As searching for ancestors revs up on the web, we must remember that there are still zillions of records yet unpublished. For example, passenger records, ships manifests, etc. for hundreds of years are untranslated. The National Archives does not possess all such records, so does not have the complete works. No one does.  We have the Journal of Christopher Columbus, but it goes untranslated. That makes me wonder how liberals accuse him of being a rapist, when his logs reflect a truly religious person who believed that he was being led by God.  All resulting events point to such a credible belief. There are still tons of records to be re-discovered.  While visiting friends in the golden isles of Georgia, I was shown an old McIntosh County book which had been in the attic. It's former owner was the clerk of the court and brought ledgers home to work on them. I have seen ledgers in antique shops. All records did not burn in court house fires, they were simply lost. I believe that such records will eventually materialize.

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