Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Genealogy Blogs (free)

Free genealogy blogs...stay tuned!

<a href="">LOST GENERATIONS</a> This blog discusses Georgia ancestors, historical sites, research tips, updates posted to the website, and is available to everyone interested in ancestor research.

<a href="">GENEALOGY-BOOKS</a> - This blog offers your first choice of used and rare genealogy books as they become available. Also, ebooks (sent to your email) for $8 each.

<a href="">KENTUCKY PIONEERS</a> Provides updates of genealogies and records added to <a href="">Kentucky Pioneers</a>

<a href="">SOUTH CAROLINA PIONEERS</a> - Genealogy blog. <a href="">South Carolina</a>


<a href="">NORTH CAROLINA PIONEERS </a> New genealogies and records added to <a href="">North Carolina Pioneers</a>

<a href="">VIRGINIA HISTORICAL TIDBITS</a>  Things the ordinary person does not know about the history of Virginia

<a href="">AMERICAN PIONEER SERIES</a>  26 volumes of encyclopedic biographical and genealogical data (all States)</a>

<a href="">VIRGINIA PIONEERS</a> Hundreds of genealogies and other records described in the blog. Price discounts.  <a href="">Virginia</a>

<a href="">GEORGIA SCHOOL GRADUATES</a>  New additions about a new and exciting website <a href="">GA Graduates</a>  The database of graduates dates from 1818 to 1925. Photos from newspapers, details about awards, names of grammar, high school, college, university, institutes.  Contribute a photograph of a graduate and some information, such as name, graduation date, name of school, etc. Old photos desired, but recent ones accepted.  No membership required. Free.

<a href="">ATLANTA HISTORICAL TIDBITS</a>  You will love this blog. All sorts of historical information about Atlanta that is unknown.

<a href="">GEORGIA PROBATE RECORDS  </a> Keep informed about additions of Georgia wills and estates added to
<a href="">Georgia Pioneers</a> - Helps the genealogist by providing the names in the wills in this blog.

<a href="">SOUTH CAROLINA PROBATE RECORDS</a>  This blog lists names of persons found in South Carolina's probate records (wills and estates).

<a href="">OLDE WILLIAMSBURG </a>- Historical information, photos.

<a href="">JAMESTOWN ADVENTURERS </a> Everybody loves this one.  Provides historical information about the members of the colony and other details.

<a href="">OLD GEORGIA FAMILIES featured, with photos</a>

<a href="">OLD NORTH CAROLINA FAMILIES</a>  North Carolina pioneer families featured, with photos.

<a href="">Videos of your ancestors and historical places</a>

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