Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Migratory Families

It is always helpful to have a solid foundation in American history and the factors which drove people to this continent.  The "reasons" provides ideas of where to search. The Quakers, for example, began settlements in Maryland during the mid 1600's. From there, segments of the faith went into Virginia, North Carolina Georgia.  And they kept records.  An extensive published account of baptisms, dismissals, births and deaths can be found in the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, found at most regional libraries. The Puritans were on course for the colony of Virginia when the vessels were driven off course and they landed in Massachusetts. There was already an established settlement at Jamestown, however, suffering hardships and conflicts with the local Indians. The early Jamestown records did not survive, so we have to skirt around that by researching adjoining counties. You have to remember that the early colonists had ties in England.  Interestingly enough, the scotch-irish from northern Ireland (county Antrim) began migrating into Pennsylvania during the early 1700's and from there went into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and south into South Carolina.  These are just some ideas of what the researcher must consider.  Remember that your ancestors were very much part of our historical past, so why not get informed?
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